How to Ground after Strong Spiritual Practice

It is important to not take spiritual practice lightly,

as accidents do happen!

Not so nice stuff can happen after giving things like Reiki. It sometimes happens after strong spiritual practices as well. It use to happen to me, because when I started practicing Reiki and Yoga I LOVED the feeling of being in the Anahata dimension,  and 6th, 5th, and 4th Chakras and that “feeling of floating on clouds”.
So at the beginning of my yoga journey I would often submerse in practicing these techniques which powerfully activated these chakras. I was often going for that blissed out -euphoria feeling.
I now know how detrimental that is!

listen to learn more here:


I learned this from an accident while during my very first YTTC 200 Hour in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2011. I was cutting French bread at the buffet with a very sharp knife and deeply cut my ring finger. It was then, where I quickly learned to not do spiritual practices for the sake of entertainment or wanting to “float on clouds”

pranayama is not for entertainment, bns iyengar my teacher used to say to us often in mysore, india.

Accidents do happen and it is super important to give the time out for grounding afterwards, while returning back into the room.
The purpose of yoga is to harmonize the mind, body and soul. These practices are to cleanse the body from tensions… mental, physical and sometimes karmic tensions in the body.
To connect into our true nature which is divine light and gentle, loving consciousness.
It is unsafe and not grounding to just practice with the intention to feel blissed out and be in euphoria.
Now I know that all of the chakras are equally important to work with, to activate, to purify, and to harmonize. I no longer only focus just on the heart, throat or third eye chakra to connect to higher dimensional planes.
Reiki healing is powerful, and the effect can be felt several days afterwards. Therefore, as Reiki practitioners, it is super important to teach our students how to ground.
You can practice the ground, shield, and protect meditation, about 4.22 minutes into this video I posted here to show you:
Working with this ground, shield , protect meditation helps you to visualize, feel and anchor your roots into the Earth crust core. Then visualizing the white light divine connection to the cosmos/heaven, and then cloaking yourself in compassion, and the friendly baby blue auric shield. Also, inviting in the help of your angelic guardian realms here to assist you for the day in wisdom, guidance and in grace.
It is highly recommended to start doing this ground, shield, protect meditation everyday, even in bed in the sleep/ non sleep state before you fully wake up. You can do this one before you walk out the door to shield yourself from unwanted toxic environments or energy.
In my experience, and especially now with these great shifts on the planet taking place, I advise doing ground, shield, protect 2x a day. In the AM, before leaving your house and in the PM before sleepy time.
After you slowly open up your eyes after Reiki or finish your spiritual practices, you should start to massage and start tapping your head, shoulders, arms, legs… While saying  ” I am in my body, I am grounded, rooted and connected to the Earth”
Or say something like that to yourselves and your students who you share Reiki with for example.
My Reiki teacher, Chi Gong teacher and the monks after meditation at Fo Guang Shan monastery in Taiwan would all teach us to do similar things like this to get back rooted into our body and connect back into the Earth, after strong spiritual practices.
Also it is recommended to do things a lot slower and keep a dream and intuition diary for the next few days, for the integration phase.
It is helpful  to eat more and drink tons more spring water- 3 Liters per day to flush out the karmic and physical toxins coming out through the Reiki healing. Eat grounding foods such as sweet potato, pumpkin, beets, carrots…any warm colored foods from the ground.
Also if you are a Reiki practitioner and after you have concluded the distance Reiki for example, and your students are still in meditation, it is helpful to do a chord cutting visual meditation. While telling yourself and her higher self ” This is your stuff, and this is my stuff” Or words like that so the psychic cords between both of you are cut, and do not continue to intermingle/connect after the Reiki session.
Just a couple of things,  I have found helpful and incorporate into my own practice and teachings for grounding after spiritual practices.
Enjoy your Grounding practices!
Many Blessings,
L. Farrah Furtado

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