The 5 Stages of Yoga Teachers

Dear emerging Yoga Instructor,
I understand how difficult the path is to go out on your own, and find the time to do all the right things to make it all work out.
I share here in this audio I recorded today, for you to know what to expect and what more than likely is ahead of the road for you as an emerging brand and entrepreneur.
The 5 Stages of a Yoga Teacher
Stage One: Self-Realization
Right smack at the beginning of my first 200 Hr training in Hatha in 2010, I realized how much I had to unlearn and then re-learn. So much of what I thought I knew suddenly became myths or only half-truths. I felt humbled. Was I really ready to be a Yoga teacher? I became overwhelmed and felt like an imposter when faced with so much information before me: the anatomy of the human body, the correct alignment, the yoga sutras, bandhas. There was so much that I didn’t know. So much that I was doing wrong. I learned to face my ignorance and replace it with humility. Here, at the beginning of my journey into teaching yoga, I found humility, authenticity and being real and humble were most important characteristics in sharing yoga to others.
Stage Two: Sharing Yoga to others.
Once I learned as much as I could, it was time to teach others. The first day that I taught a class, all I could think of was the fear of being deemed not good enough. Would my students understand me? Would they receive with an open heart without judgement?
As my first hour of my first class ended, I remember heaving a big sigh of relief. It was one thing to learn the yoga and another to impart knowledge. It was much like learning a new language. ….
Conclusion in my video /audio post below

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