Online Yoga Alliance accredited RYT 200 Hour Teacher Training Certificate: The Bend it like Buddha Teacher Blueprint

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The Bend it like Buddha Blueprint is EVERYTHING you need to become a successful Yoga teacher!





Online Yoga Alliance accredited RYT 200 hour certification get 7 days of free yttc training here


Yoga Alliance accredited RYT 200 Hour Certificate

Vinyasa, Ashtanga Teacher Training Course

What are the behind the scenes of Joining the Bend it like Buddha yoga online family?

  • Learn How to facilitate Breath Work-Sound Journeys, Meditations, Mindfulness Classes and Yoga classes… and Most Importantly Help Others
  • Discover your new, Home Practice, Learn advance Pranayama and Meditations
  • Release old conditioning patterns that do not serve you! Live authentically, Live your Best Self and Best Life!
  • Gain More Confidence, Release Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Discover Radical Self-care
  • Explore and discover yourself more deeply mind, body and soul
  • Self-Heal Trauma and “Do the (inner) work”


Be inspired and learn closely from experts who together have 50+ years of knowledge teaching yoga, facilitating retreats and leading yoga teacher trainings worldwide in Taiwan, Goa, Mysore, Portugal and Ubud, Bali.

Stoke the inner guru within you!

We are offering the comprehensive 200 hour course at a HUGE discount!

Regularly priced at USD$ 2399+

NOW for a limited time ONLY a USD$ 199/month investment.

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Transform your mind, body, soul and career!
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See how we can help you take your yoga business to the next level.
L. Farrah Furtado’s experience with yoga started with her own ill health of arthritis, depression, obesity and chronic asthma. Yoga changed all of that and gave her the thriving global business she has today. Farrah and her expert team will hold your hand and facilitate your yoga journey every step of the way.

Farrah went from being an unknown teacher, to having a #1 best-selling yoga book on Amazon. She teaches the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Bali, Portugal, Taiwan and India. You may have seen her on the schedule at Portugal Spirit c/o Bali Spirit – the largest yoga festival on the planet. The film Farrah Furtado produced, ATHA GAMMA about the science behind yoga, meditation and mindfulness won Best Canadian Documentary at the TINFF film festival in September 2019.

Farrah is a third degree Usui Reiki master and has a BA in Psychology from the University of Victoria and has over ten years experience teaching Vinyasa and Ashtanga, Buddhist Meditations, Powerful Breath Work, Pranayama and Mindfulness techniques. Best of all, she and the Bend it like Buddha expert team are here to personally inspire you and show you how to create a successful yoga business starting from scratch.

Regular Price: USD$ 2399+
ONLY USD$ 199/month EXCLUSIVE only now due to new Yoga Alliance provisions due to covid.

This interactive course will change your life forever
1. Affordable
Reduced to only USD$199/month from  $2499+ , to make what we do accessible to all.

2. Flexible interactive platforms
You can complete the course at your own pace, no matter where you are in the world.

  • Resources such as PDF’s, Ebooks, Videos, Audios to help you prepare
  • Live Lessons, 90+ videos and audios that can be replayed anytime
  • Feedback on your postures and teaching style
  • Zoom Live calls
  • Facebook / Instagram Q&A sessions forever
  • Our Amazon #1 Best Seller teacher training manual, Metamorphosis
  • Expert feedback on your daily homework and exam
  • Ongoing access to our private Mastermind group

3. Perfect your technique everyday at your own pace, daily or weekly
You are required to submit videos to perfect your sequences and pose alignments then discuss on live ZOOM calls with your instructors and classmates. Completing the course online is much like competing the course face-to-face.

4. Learn to create a successful yoga business strategy
We believe in the power of yoga, and want our students to go on to share what we’ve learned and be successful. We will teach you how to attract and keep clients, using amongst other things new technology.

5. Best in class
Our courses are facilitated by one of the most highly regarded practitioners in the world: L. Farrah Furtado and Bend it like Buddha is one of the top ten most popular yoga programs world wide to receive the Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hour training.

6. Teaching credits

Receive your Yoga Alliance accredited RYT 200 Hour Certificate

Grow your yoga business for just $199 USD/month This offer is strictly LIMITED to ensure high value training!

We close the registration forever when the limited spots are filled to maintain high quality, student-teacher instruction.


Why our Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Online certification

is right for you?

Regular Price: USD$ 2499+

HUGE discount EXCLUSIVE to a limited group!

Space limited to a small group NOW only

USD$ 199/month

Yoga Teacher Training certificate

Grow your yoga business for a small investment
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.

“This was the biggest eye opening experience of my life mentally, emotionally and physically. It is far beyond a deepening practice – what I experienced was forever life changing. All the teachers are unbelievable; warm, caring, open, and there if you need help anytime. By the end of this training we became family and made bonds with people that will last a lifetime. Beyond blessed and thankful for Farrah’s Bend It Like Buddha yoga teacher training! This experience changed my life forever and for that I am beyond grateful.”
Jessica Sinclair, Canada

“Can’t recommend it highly enough. The full program includes all that’s needed to start your journey in yoga and mindfulness. I have transformed with the support of the amazing teachers who shared their knowledge in a fun and creative way through engaging classes, and the amazing group of women I was lucky enough to share this experience with. Farrah, is truly outstanding. An outstanding experience!”
Miram Atie, Lebanon

“I wish I knew 50 words that mean “amazing” because that’s how I would describe this course. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, open and ensure their students succeed. It’s a very welcoming atmosphere. Make no mistake about it — it’s an intensive course, but the instructors help you to push through it. If you want to learn to teach yoga or deepen your understanding of yoga, this course is an excellent choice!”
 Julie Fuentes, USA

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Grow your yoga business for ONLY $199 USD/month This offer is strictly LIMITED to ensure high value training!

Why sign up to the online 200 hour course, TODAY?
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Hurry, limited spots available.
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We are offering you the chance to complete our course for just US $199/month instead of US $2399+.

For a LIMITED time! Due to new Yoga Alliance provisions due to covid.

Our course has been perfected by our team, who have more than 50 years combined experience. Together they have taught the transformative power of yoga, breathing, pranayama, meditation, mindfulness to 1000s yoga instructors around the world.

More than 300 million people are doing yoga, in part because you will struggle to find a doctor who doesn’t acknowledge that yoga can significantly improve your health. As the population ages, and many people lead unhealthier lifestyles, the role of yoga will only grow.

CNN Money rank yoga teachers as the top best jobs in America with a mean salary of $62,000 per year. Take your career world wide, be self-sufficient globally in person or online much faster by learning from our decades of skills and experience and watch the demand for yoga teachers continue to grow! The Yoga Teacher profession has a job growth rate of 13% from 2017 until 2030 and growing!
The demand for qualified instructors has never been higher.
This course will give you more qualifications. More compassion. More confidence. More peace of mind. More pride. More hope. More like-minded friends, knowledge and contacts. And more career options as an instructor.

Read the fabulous graduate student Reviews Yoga Alliance:

 More graduate student reviews Facebook:

Student Reviews on Trip Advisor:

More Student Reviews on Instagram:

More Student Reviews up on Youtube:


All this is not for the regular tuition of USD$ 2399+, but now ONLY USD$ 199/month
EXCLUSIVE to a small group. Limited time offer.

Don’t miss out! This offer is strictly LIMITED. Do something with a HUGE impact for yourself and help others deeply and meaningfully .

What are you waiting for? If you are reading this, this call is just for you, the time is now for transformative change and meaningful impact!

We close the registration forever when the limited spots are filled to maintain high quality, student-teacher instruction.

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