Reshy has assisted and also led several 200-hour yoga teacher training programs and workshops in India, Thailand, Greece and Portugal. Reshma realized her passion for health and wellness more than 20 years ago when she first started working as a personal health and wellness coach with a local health club. Fascinated by the transformational potential of the body, breath, and mind she has been completely committed in empowering individuals to lead healthier lifestyles ever since.
Working within the human services in Australia completely changed the way she had looked at life so far: It was during this period of uncertainty and enquiry in her life, that she found herself gravitate towards the practices of Yoga; this is when her journey as a yoga student and towards inner transformation began! She decided to delve deeper into Yoga as a student and consequently as a teacher and therapist.
She feels very fortunate to have learned and practiced under some incredible teachers and doctors and for the way their profound teachings and experiences have shaped her course of study and practice.
Reshma started her studies with Sujata Nerurkar and Dr. Renu Mahtani at Param Yoga, Pune, India. In 2011 she completed her training in Hatha Yoga and Medical Yoga Therapy and continued her training with them in Vinyasa Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Science of Pranayama, and the ‘Viniyoga of Yoga’ approach. She pursued her studies completing the intensive Hatha Yoga training at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram, and later in Yoga Therapy at the Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga School in Kerala, India.
She further trained under James Winstanley of AYM Institute, UK in an in-depth program in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapy. She also had the rare opportunity to study the principles of “Viniyoga of Yoga” under Lalita Ganguly of Yogasadhanam, India. She recently completed a course in ‘Pranayama Unlocked’ offered by Gary Kraftsow at Yoga International. Reshma is also a certified Biomechanics Specialist (NESTA, USA). She believes it is important to continue the journey of learning and self-reflection in order to evolve as a person and teacher and is currently pursuing a course on Principles of Yoga and Breathing Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff.
She is passionate about the therapeutic aspects of Yoga and always encourages her students and clients to explore their own personal potential. She believes that Yoga is for everyone and her goal is to make the therapeutic and transformational aspects of Yoga available to all while not losing sight of the very essence of this living tradition.