New HORMONE YOGA COURSE with Kathrin Worner! March Friday 27th-Sunday 29th, 2020

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Bend it like Buddha Yoga with Hormone expert Kathrin Worner!

Please register asap to secure your space. Spots are limited to only 9 students!

In this weekend course you will learn all the techniques and sequences of the original HORMONE YOGA THERAPY (HYT) by DINAH RODRIGUES.

HYT is a natural treatment along the line of energetic Yoga specifically directed to the female hormone system and glands, correcting your hormone level. It is a natural way to a perfectly balanced femininity.

Course days: Friday, 2-7PM, Saturday 9am-7PM and Sunday 9AM-7PM
Course fee: € 175, includes course manual     

Hormone Yoga (school of Dinah Rodrigues) is the natural alternative to conventional hormone  therapies. This Yoga is specifically directed to the female hormone system and glands. It is beneficial for the pituitary gland (hypophysis) ovaries, thyroid and adrenals. Hormone Yoga works mainly with Pranic Energies.

The dynamic Yoga sequences will activate your energy centres. This energy is directed towards the places in the body that are responsible for the balance of female hormones. The dynamic Hormone Yoga sequences are based on:

  • Energetic Yoga and Hatha Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • The Tibetan technique of to directing energy.

How does it work?

Specific breathing techniques (pranayama) and body postures (asanas)  directly massage hormone producing glands. In addition the Tibetan way of directing energy is combined with specific muscle contractions (bandhas) in order to stimulate and activate female hormone production.
At what age is it best to start with Hormone Yoga?

For all women who are very healthy, without symptoms, 35 is a good age to start. Anybody who suffers from PMS, or other hormone problems can start at any age. This type of Yoga is suitable for teenagers with hormone problems. It is suitable for all women  beforeduring or after the menopause.


Some symptoms which can be caused from the lack of estrogen:

Hot flushes Loss of hair
Insomnia Dry skin
Dry vagina Brittle nails
Itching irritation in vaginal area Slowing ability to think
Panic attacks Decreasing libido
Headaches Irritability
Joint pain Emotional instability
Migraine States of fear
Itching of skin Palpitations
Reduced sense of smell or memory Tiredness
Depression Decreasing courage

When is the Hormone Yoga counter productive (not recommended)?

  • During pregnancy
  • Hormonal types of breast cancer
  • Strong endometriosis
  • Enlarged myome in the uterus
  • Infections in the stomach area
  • Strong osteoporosis
  • Heart disease
  • Within 3 months of stomach surgery

Unfortunately with these medical conditions you are unable to participate in the hormone Yoga therapy. You don`t need any experience in Yoga but a little discipline and regular practice is helpful.If you practice a minimum of 16 times per month you will experience positive results after just 4 months. All exercises are easy to learn. It will be very uplifting and you will  feel swift changes in your body during the courses.
For my own hormone inbalance, I chose not to  use conventional hormone therapy. I  practice Hormone Yoga myself on a regular basis, which makes me feel healthier, more relaxed, and emotionally balanced. My own hormone system experienced an extraordinary correction.


Kathrin Worner

I was born in March 1964 in Frankfurt, Germany where I grew up with my parents and my sister. In 1982 I started my training to become a pediatric nurse at the University Hospital Frankfurt. After qualifying I worked for two years at the hospital`s child surgery department.

In 1987, I started working with a mobile child nursing unit. The idea was to care for children at their homes to avoid impersonal stays at hospitals. I was very thankful for this career shift because I gained a lot for my personal growth and made my first contact with Yoga.


From then on Yoga has become a constant factor in my life. In addition I trained in Reflexology and had an initiation into amazing energy wires of Reiki in level 1 and 2. Through this initiation  it became clear that I was taking a new path in my life.

After becoming a Yoga teacher in 1995 from the school of Sivananda I offered regular Yoga classes. A wish became true, and the work with yoga started to be very fulfilling.

In 1997 I moved to Portugal where I have been living and working professionally  as a Yoga teacher and therapist.  All of these different types of work and training have been very beneficial to my development as a healer.

I continue to learn different healing methods from various teachers and these inspirations and techniques influence my treatment work today. This allows me to reach people not only on the physical level. I trained personally under Dinah Rodrigues, the creator of Hormone Yoga, in 2008. This experience was truly inspirational to me as it corrected my own hormone imbalance.

Once I started teaching Hormone Yoga I soon realised how many women suffer in silence with Hormone Inbalance and soon through word of mouth due to the results achieved classes fill up regularly. I now offer Hormone Yoga on the Algarve. This is amazing and meaningful work for me, as it brings you closer to femininity in a joyful and compassionate way.

Students registered for the course will also have the opportunity to experience:

The Chinese Quantum Method 

CQM is a non touch method to access mentally the human energy field. Detecting energetic weaknesses and transforming them into energetic strength or neutralize them.

Energetic weaknesses might exist on all levels of our being:


The weaknesses may origin in all areas of our life . Our relationships, our work situation, what we do in our leisure time and what other people tell us … to name few. CQM is a method that provides the framework to detect energetic weaknesses and does not only allow to identifiy the weaknesses but also converts the weaknesses into strength. Doing this , symptoms or conflicts disappear in many cases more or less instantaniously.


CQM is based on the principle of electromagnetic energy fields ,on the knowlege around energetic fighting and healing methods of CHINESE SHAOLIN MONKS  as well as the latest insights in the of QUANTUM PHYSICS. All emotions and thoughts are electro magnetics waves with certain frequencies. The method is based on the fact that humans can receive and emit electro magnetic information and use this ability to detect and c o r r e c t  problems and energetic weaknesses. CQM provides a systematic protocol to detect weakening influences which caused problem and to transform the weakness into strength .


There is no disease or problem that cannot be an application for CQM .
Chronic and acute pain , back, shoulder, sleeping disorder, stomach ache, asthma,etc.

CQM can also be used to solve emotional and mental patterns which are not useful.

One of CQM`S biggest potential is in the area of self improvement. In this case the symtoms are our unfulfilled desires and goals. Most often we aren`t  aware of the patterns and believes that prevent us for living our lives to the fullest potential .

This patterns can be  c o r r e c t  with CQM .

For more information:


Recommended Requirement

No previous knowledge of yoga is required. What is important is about
CONTRAINDICATIONS to be informed. There would be: pregnancy,
hormone-related breast cancer, severe endometriosis, very large fibroids in the
Uterus, acute inflammation in the abdomen, severe osteoporosis,
Heart disease and 3 months after abdominal surgery.

To learn the entire series of exercises in order to carry them out independently
and with the regular practice of HYT, good after only 3 months Achieve results (increase in estrogen). The symptoms of a Hormone changes decrease quickly, or then disappear completely at all.

The course consists of 12 hours of theoretical and practical units.