Ayurveda Massage Training & Certificate



10Hr  AYURVEDA MASAGE WORKSHOP (In-person course)


Traditional Ayurveda Massage harmoniously combines various therapy techniques. The therapist may also add herbal medicated oils used in the massage to eliminate toxic substances from the tissues. Ayurveda Massage rejuvenates, revitalizes and refreshes the body, mind and soul.

Ayurveda Massage Training  is focused on the intensive study of traditional Ayurveda Massage techniques both in practice and in theory, enabling the participants to practice the learned methods directly after the course to offer 60 minute and 90 minute session to their friends, family and their clients.

This course is a 10 Hr training and it is open to all who have the interest to learn and practice Ayurveda Massage. You will learn over 45+ Ayurveda massage techniques and using how to apply different essential oils.

Ayurveda Massage Benefits 

Eliminating Fatigue

Promoting Sleep and Calming the Nervous System

Stimulating Weight Loss

Increasing Longevity

Enhancing the Immune System

And More Ayurveda Massage benefits:




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