Sao Miguel, Azores | September 11-17


A retreat designed to reset, reconnect & nourish your body and soul.

​​Paradise is waiting for you!

Wouldn’t it feel great to drop the stress & anxiety from all the challenges in your life & start taking care of you? It sure would!

On this retreat, through gentle yoga, deep breathwork, pranayama and meditation, and invigorating  adventures, you’ll release the stress and reboot your energy so you can return home feeling calm, centered and awesomely alive!​

Take a journey of a lifetime into your own inner divinity and appreciate the beauty of nature as well as your own. We’ll soak it all in on this amazing island.  YOU deserve it!

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You will be whisked away to the perfect-off-the-beaten-path destination for relaxation, exploration and adventure.  ​



Can you picture yourself underneath this natural thermal “jacuzzi”?  Yep!  We are going…
Join us!



You take a deep breath, exhale, and then momentarily lose yourself at the sight of such natural beauty! 



You will awake in the morning to the hums of the birds chirping, the magical sounds of the thermal water streams flowing endlessly.

Wouldn’t it feel great to release the stress & anxiety from all of the challenges in your life & start taking care of you? 

Come with us and appreciate the beauty around you as well as your own.

On this retreat, through gentle yoga, deep meditation, and invigorating  adventures, you’ll release the stress and reboot your energy so you can return home feeling calm, centered and awesomely alive!

Is burn out around the corner waiting for you?

Do you feel the need TO SLOW DOWN AND BREATHE?

Then this is the retreat for you!

Imagine taking your first steps outside of your room, to a peaceful walk down a nature trail listening to the beautiful stream flowing, with an exhilarating natural view all around you.  During meditation listening to the nature sounds, along with peace and bliss in your mind and body.  Afterwards, take a short walk back to have a scrumptious, healthy breakfast in the midst of friends and in paradise. Seriously, why should we defer our happiness and joy to a later date?
YOU are a thousand times worth it!

This Retreat is for you…if you’re experiencing these burn out symptoms and your body is urging for a reset!

  • Are you the beacon of light to your family, children and your corporate job but can’t find time for yourself?
  • Juggling many things at once, managing the household, your job and have nothing left but fumes?
  • You have nothing left for yourself and feel burned out from this endless cycle?
  • Consuming too many unhealthy foods?
  • Drinking too much and surrounded by toxic people?
  • Are you sleeping about 8 hours a night, but still feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?
  • ​When was the last time you played and had fun?
  • Is it because you are all things to all people and do not know how to implement self-care rituals and practical tools into your life?
  • Are you in a cycle of chronic stress?
  • Are you  living a lifestyle with Zero Balance & Harmony?
  • Feelings of cynicism and lack of empathy?
  • Going to bed early but still waking up exhausted?
  • A sense of dread and increased illnesses?

The Retreat Venue

Furnas Boutique Hot Thermal & Spa Hotel

This boutique hotel is not only surrounded by breathtaking beauty, its location is where one finds the largest concentration of thermal waters in Europe. 

​Featuring their very own thermal pool!   
That’s right, their indoor pool comes directly from a hot spring! The perfect spot to unwind, leave the stress behind and connect to nature!  This beautiful space is incredible and perfectly designed to cater to you and pamper you like never before.   As soon as you walk in, you will already feel relaxed…

Thermal Circuit. Included with our retreat (24hrs a day),
 are the AMAZING “Quente das Quenturas” which means, Thermal Circuit.   You will  enjoy the Hydrotherapy circuit with Furnas thermal spring waters: Sauna, Laconium, Turkish Bath, Aromatic
Showers and Dynamic Swimming Pools!


The cuisine will have you appreciating the love and energy put into each dish.   The chefs are extremely proud to only use locally grown, seasonal and organic produce for their dishes!   From the catch of the day, from the local fishermen, to the vegetable plant-based dinners they source from their local farmer they will leave you wanting more…  

vegetable lot
photo of variety of sliced fruits and vegetables
close up photo of walnuts near a wooden nut cracker
person putting an ice cube with a mint leaf into a green juice

The hotel’s kitchen staff can happily accommodate special requests as it caters to many different dietary requirements and restrictions, such as vegetarian and vegan, as well as gluten and lactose sensitivities. We have your every need covered.  If you are opting into the detox -fasting challenge, special juices/meals will be made especially for you.  Food will be mostly vegetarian.  However, fish/meat will be an option.   

Wouldn’t it feel incredible to be able to know and understand your own self worth?

That would be incredible! 
Yes it would, and that is what you can expect to happen during our time together in Sao Miguel. Through our loving special ceremonies, you will be able to focus on what matters most to yourself, so you can bring the best of YOU back home to start living a more intentional life.

Would it feel amazing to not feel isolated and disconnected from yourself and others? 

Absolutely!  Learn how to reconnect with nature, allowing yourself to reap the physical, emotional and psychological benefits that it offers.​

Struggling with issues of self-acceptance and a sense of not being enough? 

You are not alone.  By the end of this retreat, you will learn to embrace the essence of YOU