Great school, great teachers and I met the most amazing people during my 200 hour training, thank you for an amazing time time Farrah!

Olivia Gorsuch (United Kingdom)

I was amazed with both the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills that I attained during my 200 hour course. I would highly recommend for others to seek their yoga training through the Kaohsiung Yoga School.

Ann Thornton

Kaohsiung Yoga taught me Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini yoga, Yoga Nidra and yoga philosophyI The course was very informative and exceeded my expectations.

Tarryn Stevenson

My training with Kaohsiung Yogi was the experience of a lifetime. The amount of effort that Farrah went through to make it such an incredible experience for us all was evident in every aspect of the TTC. I learnt from such experienced teachers that I will value for the rest of my teaching career. I also shared the experience with wonderful people from all over the world and developed new friendships with my fellow yogis. I would absolutely recommend this TTC with Kaohsiung Yogi to any student wishing to study yoga.

Laura Jean Luyt

I had a wonderful, life changing experience while studying with Kaohsiung Yoga. I will absolutely recommend this course to anyone who may be curious and will continue to participate in events they host in the future!

Jessica Turriziani (USA)

The sequence of the sessions, the practical parts and everything is well organized. I enjoy experimenting different types of meditation. The body biomechanics, anatomy and applying it in the adjustment classes. The background and experience of the teachers is great. The love and energy they are putting in everything is great. I have really enjoyed the theory, philosophy and bio mechanics/ body alignment classes. The diversity of subjects is great and the opportunity to sequence my own flows is helpful.
Also the Ayurvedic therapy massage is great, the references to Ayurvedic Science and different meditations and pranayama.


Bayan (Saudi Arabia)

I enjoyed the teaching practice, sequencing with Farrah and Alignment classes with Reshy.
Pranayama gave me a lot of peace. Anatomy and Philosophy were very interesting.
I enjoyed the friendly and open atmosphere and a lot of laughs! Open mentality, not too serious. Hands on practice teaching, exercises on sequencing.
I enjoyed the morning asana flow. Yoga by the sea was amazing! Learning different meditation types was helpful.

Carmen (Germany)

I enjoyed the group of diverse people from around the world-17 different countries represented.
I loved the sequencing, learning different meditation techniques & pranayama classes with Farrah.

Rebecca (USA)

I enjoy creating sequences and getting better at timing and warming up to prepare the body for the peak -heated section of my Vinyasa flows.
It was also rewarding for me to hear positive feedback and that my teachers and classmates enjoyed my sequences in the flow.
I enjoyed pranayama with Farrah. Pranayama is essential to the practice and helped me have less noise in my head, be more focused and I sleep more deeply.

Alla (Russia)

I enjoyed the structure of the course, the mentality behind it, the vibe.
The teachers were great, the Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flows, Pranayama and exploring different meditations.
I love learning about science and pranayama. Enjoyed learning about Ashtanga 8 limbs with Reshy and how to live by them practically. I loved it all.

Holly (United Kingdom)