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Customer Testimonials

Caroline (Germany)

When I’m thinking back about the journey we have last two weeks, I remember such a wonderful moments and experiences. It was not only physically, but also mentally. Watch full video review on IGTV

Nina (USA)

The people have been fantastic and the energy in the group was amazing.  The diversity of teachers and what they each brought to the group has been so much more than I ever imagined.  (Portugal training – October 2018)

Miriam (Lebanon)

Peaceful space to share knowledge with like-minded beings coming from different backgrounds.  This space helped me realise things about myself and life in general and will definitely be using this experience to empower others.  This training also helped me connect with myself on a much higher level and connect with amazing beings on a spiritual …

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Amy (UK)

The atmosphere is amazing and helping us to develop and enjoy ourselves.  The structures of the days and lessons are good and the food is delicious.  The teachers are very knowledgeable and have opened me up to new ideas and methods. (Goa training – January 2019)

Fanni (Austria)

The atmosphere is very welcoming and supporting.  I appreciate all the knowledge put together so that we return home with a much better understanding of the anatomically correct yoga.  I enjoy the teaching parts. (Goa training – January 2018)

Amelia (UK)

The morning asana practises are amazing.  I am loving the classes and teachers.  I am really loving the alignment classes and pranayama too.  They are really educational and easy to follow.  Also loving how much teaching practise we get. (Goa training – January 2019)

Sian (UK)

Teachers are so knowledgeable and it’s a very nurturing environment.  Great range of classes and I am already starting to feel more comfortable teaching. (Goa training – January 2018) 

Mishel (New York)

Loved the terrific group of encouraging and enthusiastic women, the mix of teachers, their mix of style and their encouragement.  The time allotted for questions and answers during every class and the massage courses.  An unexpected love. (Portugal training – June 2018)