Laurine (France)

I really liked the traditional and spiritual approach of yoga that was taught here, not only the physical.  The customized emotional and self-development work was not easy but necessary to start this new step in life.  I am grateful for each teacher that helped me throughout this eye and heart opening journey.  Everyone was amazing, kind, dedicated and super available and caring yet with different styles and personalities.  The step by step learning process is well designed so it almost felt natural to teach a 30min class at the end.  Thank you for the wisdom, the fun, the positive vibes, genuine relationships, the feel good flows and meditations, the caring and listening ears.  Thank you for finding the right words.  Thank you for helping me grow, ground, open and accepting.  Thank you for being so inspiring and for giving me confidence and trust for the world, for others and for myself. (Portugal training – June 2018)