It is hard to say what I enjoyed most, because the entire experience was incredible.  I really benefited from pranayama and meditation and the reiki was an experience I will never forget.  I loved that we were practising teaching from day 1, because the demo feel much less intimidating. Of course I loved the asana practises each day as well. (Portugal training – June 2018)

Rachel (USA)

I enjoyed Meditation, Pranayama, Philosophy and Vinnitsa.  The teachers, all of them were amazing. (Bali training – March 2019)

Taylor (USA)

People, food, location, sun, amazing, very individual teachers that give a personal note (motivating, inspiring).  The vibe, very good knowledge, good schedule, everything went very smooth all the time and there was no stress and negativity. (Goa training 2018) 

Julia (Germany)

I enjoyed all content from Asana, Pranayama, Philosophy, Meditation, Anatomy and Alignment.  Most of it could have been learned online or reading books only.  It has been an honour learning from two Masters as Farrah and Reshy and I hope to transfer these learnings truthfully.  The setting was magical and the schedule well thought of.  The food was excellent.  The group was empowering and this was the most transformational experience of my life. (Goa training 2019)

Camille (UK)

I really liked the traditional and spiritual approach of yoga that was taught here, not only the physical.  The customized emotional and self-development work was not easy but necessary to start this new step in life.  I am grateful for each teacher that helped me throughout this eye and heart opening journey.  Everyone was amazing, kind, dedicated and super available and caring yet with different styles and personalities.  The step by step learning process is well designed so it almost felt natural to teach a 30min class at the end.  Thank you for the wisdom, the fun, the positive vibes, genuine relationships, the feel good flows and meditations, the caring and listening ears.  Thank you for finding the right words.  Thank you for helping me grow, ground, open and accepting.  Thank you for being so inspiring and for giving me confidence and trust for the world, for others and for myself. (Portugal training – June 2018)

Laurine (France)

Great school, great teachers and I met the most amazing people during my 200 hour training, thank you for an amazing time time Farrah!

Olivia Gorsuch (United Kingdom)

I was amazed with both the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills that I attained during my 200 hour course. I would highly recommend for others to seek their yoga training through the Kaohsiung Yoga School.

Ann Thornton

Kaohsiung Yoga taught me Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini yoga, Yoga Nidra and yoga philosophyI The course was very informative and exceeded my expectations.

Tarryn Stevenson

My training with Kaohsiung Yogi was the experience of a lifetime. The amount of effort that Farrah went through to make it such an incredible experience for us all was evident in every aspect of the TTC. I learnt from such experienced teachers that I will value for the rest of my teaching career. I also shared the experience with wonderful people from all over the world and developed new friendships with my fellow yogis. I would absolutely recommend this TTC with Kaohsiung Yogi to any student wishing to study yoga.

Laura Jean Luyt

I had a wonderful, life changing experience while studying with Kaohsiung Yoga. I will absolutely recommend this course to anyone who may be curious and will continue to participate in events they host in the future!

Jessica Turriziani (USA)