I enjoyed the alignment classes with Reshy and teaching practice and sequencing with Farrah.
Group work was especially great and I learned a lot about teaching yoga here.
I enjoyed working in pairs on my sequencing skills and was surprised that people liked my sequences!
I enjoyed learning about Ashtanga 8 limbs and how to apply them into daily life. Philosophy with Reshy went deep and it kept me interested and eager to explore more on my own.

Gosia (Poland)

I have loved the teaching elements of sequencing a Vinyasa flow and enjoyed the Ayurveda massage-very relaxing!The structure of the sections are well done. Intense but highly enjoyable. The teachers are wonderful. I especially love the personalities of both Reshy and Farrah. Thank you!
Loved this course!

Nikesh (United Kingdom)

Deep insight into all of the topics ( anatomy, pranayama etc) The mix of topics is nice for example, meditation and massage.
I loved having a safe place to learn more and to develop my teaching skills.
I loved learning about the deeper insights into anatomy and philosophy.
I enjoyed the pranayama and meditation as balance.

Fabrizio (Germany)

I enjoyed the daily asana practice and alignment teachings. I have practiced for several years so it was very helpful to learn the breakdown of each posture’s anatomy, breath and knowing the correct alignment of each pose.
Philosophy with Reshy is brilliant, very stimulating and fascinating to learn with a classroom of people from over 17 different countries!

Anita (Portugal)

I loved Pranayama and meditation. I loved the teachers openness for discussions and brainstorming and sharing with everyone.
Thank you for everything! I have found a deep space within my body for oneness…my ability to find oneness through the practices of asana, meditation and pranayama. The quality of the teaching is wonderful and just the model I need of living in the moment.
I love the variety of people-17 different countries represented! What a wonderful glimpse into Mother Earth and creation. Everyone is supported, accepted
yet challenged while demonstrating unconditional love.


Lewanda (USA)

I enjoyed the experienced and very open minded teachers. Everyone is very friendly and with diverse backgrounds. Teachers are very respectful and keep the authenticity of the traditions….it is not only about the “fancy poses”. Asana is only 1 part of the 8 limbs of Ashtanga yoga and Reshy and Farrah did an excellent job
including them all into our TTC experience. I enjoyed how we took the time to see how breathing can impact all of the poses and teachers really broke this down which was amazing.

Cythia (China)

I have enjoyed being exposed to various parts of yoga, not just asana. Yoga is not new to me yet I was continuously in awe of learning new things every day.
Love the adjustment classes and I felt more comfortable in the poses and modifications.

Nikita (New Zealand)

I loved morning asana classes, many practical teaching opportunities, adjustment class and the Ayurvedic massage classes were
a great way to end the day!

Idan (Israel)

I loved the mantras, the Kirtan concerts and sound healing with Mafalda.
I enjoyed the delicious meals and spiritual growth. Namaste!

Benjamin (Netherlands)

I enjoyed being outdoors and close to nature when practicing.
I enjoyed the diversity of students and teachers. The co ordination of meals and ease of
the cooks for preparing special meals for several gluten free people, IBS, Vegans, and allergies….
The cooks alternative meals and everything freshly prepared were appreciated. I loved daily asana class
and the enjoyed the teachers experience and confidence in their lessons of asana, anatomy, pranayama and philosophy.

Amy (Australia)