What to pack

Namaste Yoginis and Yogis!

Getting organized for Teacher Training Yoga 200 Hr in Portugal and wondering what to pack?

There are yoga mats at the shala if you prefer not to pack one.

It can be hot during the day but sometimes at night it can get chilly. So, it might be nice to have a small blanket or sarong.  You can use it for a beach blanket or have it for the massage class as well

SIM cards may be purchased inside the airport and MEO 

There is Wifi at the student accommodations however on some days it’s a weak signal

Important Documents- Passport, Visitor Visa (or printed E Tourist Visa+passport picture for customs if needed), Air Tickets, Travel and Medical Insurance

Our mobile# for emergencies/customs, Money in € for additional expenses ( $350 € is probably enough for 15 days depending on your personal budget; buying gifts and restaurants)

Our Mobile Number in Portugal +351 966 150 073

Credit cards/ international ATM cards( Remember to call your bank to tell them you are traveling or account may be blocked), have photo copies of passport/flight info

€ for your private driver  or if sharing between car pooling students.

It will more than likely be hot. Pack light… bring light travel clothing, flip flops, sneakers, yoga clothes, rain jacket, sun glasses, hat, bandana, light cover up/scarf to cover up skin 

There are 2 laundry mats nearby for clothing washing and service at the hotel

For the afternoon Ayurveda Massage Classes it is highly recommended to bring a medium-large sarong or/& towel to cover up and / or to lie down on. There are also places to purchase sarongs nearby. For massage class please wear your 2-piece swim suit or shorts and bikini top and/or yoga bra top under your clothes before each massage class each day. Please be changed and be ready for the massage lessons during the lunch hour break to be on time for class. There is are many exciting skills to learn…45+ massage techniques to cover. Thank you students:)

For yoga asana practice the usual yoga wear is fine such as tank tops, leggings or sports shorts.

Please bring a small water bottle or travel mug to fill up during the day. The water is delicious here and you can drink it from the tap. 

Towel and sarong

Toiletries: sun screen, face wash, vinegar and / or baking soda (makes for excellent dry shampoo, cleans clothing,  

Key and lock for your suitcase and valuable items, money  belt

Needed medicines. Not many pharmaceutical products here

Good writing supplies, lots of pens, notebooks, a big folder to put handouts in, have enough memory and charged battery for your devices to record audio and video.

Bring smart phone to take pictures, laptop, camera, phone charger, international adaptor, extension cord

We do not have wifi at the shala, at the airport and MEO you can purchase a wifi hotspot if needed.

Ear plugs,  eye mask

Bring a few initial travel snacks and needed dietary nourishment for the first couple of days before you can get to the grocery store

Bring your sense of fun, adventure, a smile and humor- for everything from soreness from too many asanas or battling jet lag, to discovering true Portuguese friendliness and genuine hospitality.



Exciting times up ahead!!!

Lots of Love,
Bend it like Buddha

Yoga family



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