Bend it Like Buddha Yoga

4 Day Fasting-Detox Yoga Retreat

A transformative, self-guided juice cleanse program in gorgeous Praia da Rocha beach. One of the most stunning landscapes in Portugal.

Why Fast?

Fasting has a variety of benefits for the physical, emotional and spiritual body. It allows the digestive system to rest and recharge, allowing a detoxification of the body, leading to improved mental clarity and releases toxins gently.

We warmly invite you to relax, encourage you to have a digital time out and press PAUSE on hectic life!

Deeper Sleep

Once you start to release the toxins, you’ll reduce stress and sleep better.

Body Shape Shifting

More energy and aids weight loss. Decrease in pain and reduced bodily inflammation.

Mental Clarity

When you detox the body you detox the brain and vice versa. In clearing your brain, you improve mental function.

Deeper Meditation & Pranayama Practice

Fasting brings balance to the physical, emotional. Slows down the time and creates time for inner stillness.

This 4-days, 3 nights detox-cleanse is a wonderful introduction to fasting and will have many positive results. Treat yourself on this inspiring yoga holiday to southern Portugal. Be surrounded by stunning beauty such as our 3 world class beaches all within walking distance to the Yoga studio!

Be inspired, meditate, breath deeply, learn, contemplate, take home a valuable gift of restored health, and learn in depth about the Yogic lifestyle, Meditation, Pranayama, detox-fasting, Reiki, Ayruveda massage and self-community sustainability and much more!


Twice Yoga Daily

AM Vinyasa and PM Restorative / Yin yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy.

Breath Work & Movement

Emotional-Release Breath Work, Movement and Mindfulness sessions

Fasting and Yogic Lifestyle

Learning about fasting and yogic lifestyle.

Reiki Session with Crystals therapy

Rebalance the subtle energetic system-the chakras

Sound Healing Journey

Balance the right and left brain, increase serotonin, release trauma

Community Based
Upgrade Options:

Ayurveda Massage ↗

Training on 45+ Ayurveda massage techniques, limited availability.

Reiki Level 1, 2 or 3rd ↗

Receive Reiki Level 1, 2 and / or 3 to give healing sessions for others +Certificate. Limited availability please inquire.

What to Expect

Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Advanced
Yoga Style

  • Vinyasa Morning Flow
  • Yin
  • Restorative
  • Nidra

*3 days with instruction

Group Size

The maximum participants in the group is limited to only 4 guests

The Program

This Fasting-Detox retreat is a perfect balance between peaceful beachside relaxation and upbeat, lively friendly, cafes and restaurants of the beach strip of Praia da Rocha beach. The evening and morning Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda Massage and Pranayama are the essential aspects of this retreat. You will find the teachers and yoga studio uplifting and relaxing.

During the retreat, you will practice Vinyasa flow yoga in the morning, followed by Yin or Restorative yoga session in the evening. The sessions are usually held in a stunning yoga studio on Praia da Rocha or on the beach depending on weather and include pranayama, breathwork, mindful meditation, and yoga Nidra meditation.

The evening yoga sessions will be followed by various unique healing activities such as Reiki, crystals and Tibetan bowl sound healing, angel therapy cards, yoga Nidra meditation, and healing, Breath Work sessions. All of the yoga and other sessions are customized for the guests needs.

The Food

During this fasting retreat, you will be served with daily 5 detox, cleansing juices, nut milk for 3 days. The detox cleanse is healthy, tasty, vegetarian, and organic.

Everything is freshly harvested and lovingly prepared with attention to detail locally.

**Please advise us if nut allergy well in advance.

Your Accommodations

During the retreat, you will be staying at a comfortable, cozy hotel accommodation, 5 minutes walk from Praia da Rocha beach, Portimao and the Yoga studio. All bedrooms have their own living room, kitchen, patio, bath, and shower.

Hotel Reception

You can check in at your hotel whether you arrive in the morning or in the

Free WiFi

Check your emails, post updates on your socials, and browse the web on unlimited WiFi.

Pool & Spa

Enjoy free access to the swimming pool and treat yourself with a massage at the spa.

Your Investment

To secure your spot, a fee of €199 is required. Balance must be paid 15 days prior to your start date.

Unsure yet? Please leave us a message.

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