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The Science and Benefits of Chanting Mantras  

Mantra is also becoming more popular with spiritual practices like meditation and yoga. Considering the benefits of mantra, we chant Sanskrit mantras at our yoga studio. Our school was started as a yoga co-op by our community of yoga teachers. Bend It Like Buddha team is a yoga family that offers Yoga retreats, Ayurveda Massage courses and 200 hour teacher courses …

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Ayurveda Massage

What is it and the Benefits? A variety of research studies have highlighted that Ayurveda massage helps in locating and removing the ailments related to muscles, joints and ligaments. It has further been proved through scientific studies that the massage further contributes to the improvement in blood circulation and initiation of detoxification. The stimulation is …

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Forgiveness is associated with letting things go. Not necessarily removing or forgetting about a past hurt but for an ideal life and good health it is generally better to forgive and forgetrather than holding grudges and resentment. Forgiveness is not only linked with others rather, often it is not being able to forgive yourself for a past …